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Small Animal Clinic

  • Department and Clinic of Internal Medicine

Head of unit: Vörös Károly

Email: voros.karoly'kukac'

Small Animal Clinical services - only in hungarian

  • Department and Clinic of Surgery and Ophtalmology

Head of unit: Németh Tibor

Email: nemeth.tibor'kukac'

Clinical services

  • Department and Clinic of Reproduction

Head of unit: Cseh Sándor


Clinic of reproduction

  • Depatment of Exotic Animal and Wildlife Medicine

Head of unit: Gál János

Email: gal.janos'kukac'


Large Animal Clinic

  • Equine clinic

Head of unit: Bodó Gábor

Email: bodo.gabor'kukac'

Equine clinic

  • Food Animal Medicine and Mobile Clinic

Head of unit: Szenci Ottó

Email: szenci.otto'kukac'

Food Animal Medicine and Mobile Clinic